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When you have reached the limits of your current performance and want to raise yourself higher, how can you avoid getting trapped in the same old ways of thinking? You need a coach in order to be your very best!

Successful business people such as Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) are quoted as saying that “Everyone needs a coach”. Regular coaching really is a secret ingredient in the success of many world famous leaders.

If you are feeling a bit stuck with progress at work, or just want to achieve more, Richard can help support you through a process of exploration, unblocking your potential and helping you optimise your performance and effectiveness.

Scientific research shows support for the benefits of executive coaching, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better time management & goal setting
  • Reduced stress / improved resilience
  • Improved management & teamwork
  • Development of authentic leadership
  • Professional growth
  • Career satisfaction
  • Increased work & life satisfaction
  • Better communication & relationships
  • Support & encouragement
  • Feeling more valued at work
  • Enhanced workplace well-being
  • Adaptability / flexibility
Richard Owen

Richard Owen MSc is a qualified business psychologist and coach. His unique expertise in personality assessment and depth psychology will help guide you on a fast track to real transformational change.

Animas Centre for Coaching

Coaching is a person-centred form of help that empowers you to discover your own goals and solutions.

It is based on listening, reflecting and questioning in a non-judgmental, collaborative and confidential space.

You can explore your situation and move towards where you want to be, through a future focussed journey of discovery and self-awareness.

Unlike mentoring, coaching doesn’t require the coach to have experience in your specialised field of work.

Transformational coaching aims to go much deeper than simply working with surface behaviours. It helps you explore and update the assumptions, perspectives and world-views that underpin your thoughts, feelings and actions.

This can create a lasting foundation for achieving success; freeing you from habitual patterns to become the best version of yourself.

Whatever is holding you back from reaching your potential, coaching could help you find the insights and clarity to move forwards with confidence.

Richard is a certified MBTI practitioner and expert in Personality Type theory. His own unique Personality Parts™ model will help you understand many different aspects of yourself and others.

We can administer a range of quality psychometric assessments, to help you gain insight into yourself:

  • Personality Type: Myers-Briggs MBTI®, Majors™ PTI, Team Focus TDI®, Singer-Loomis SL-TDI, TypeCoach
  • Personality Trait: Saville Wave®
  • Values & Interests: Strong®, Team Focus VbIM
  • Emotional Intelligence: Team Focus EIQ
  • Resilience: Team Focus RSQ
BPS Registered Test User British Association for Psychological Type Myers-Briggs MBTI Certified Practitioner
Optimal Performance


Work Relationships


Career Transitions


The pace of the modern workplace can be very demanding. We all find different factors that cause stress and reduce our performance level. Coaching around stress and resilience can help you connect with your most effective ways of working, whilst managing the effects of events that are outside your control.
A successful business often requires many different kinds of people working together smoothly in teams and management structures. But how do you understand and communicate effectively with those who are different to you? How can you work effectively and avoid conflict? Coaching with a psychological awareness of personality differences can help you understand the dynamics of interactions and to work better with others.
Have your interests and values change over time? Are you moving in a different career direction and therefore meeting new challenges at work? If you are beginning a new role or job and want to get a head start, try some coaching. At these times of potential overload, coaching will give you the space and support to focus and make fast progress.
60 minutes sessions.
Convenient online video call, no need to travel.
In-person coaching also available.
FREE 30 minute discovery session.
Coaching packages from 6 weeks to 6 months in length.
Day rate available, for 5 sessions on a single day at one site.
We can provide unique team building workshops, where the participants gain a deep understanding of each other's personalities, drives and motivations. You will learn practical insights and techniques to work together more productively and harmoniously.
Richard is an experienced presenter and public speaker. He can deliver engaging talks at your in-house company events, on topics around coaching, personality and business psychology.
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